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Optimisation is a crucial aspect of the role of an engineer whereby design constraints and criteria are assessed via a systematic process in order to provide the maximum achievable value. An aromatic oil processing company approached Heat Exchangers WA a short time ago with cooling tower inefficiency and heat exchanger fouling problems. Since then our cooling tower and plate heat exchanger divisions have been working in a team closely with the client to not only provide the required heat transfer but additionally assist in optimising the design and processing functionality of the plant. Additionally, our engineers designed the entire plant heat rejection system, which involved a network of cooling towers and plate heat exchangers to cooling and condense process steam before cooling water to a final workable temperature. Your calls for help are what drive us, service is our passion. We just happen to sell great heat exchangers.

A total of twelve gasketed plate heat exchangers have been supplied to the client with a further two currently being assembled to allow for the client to increase their production capacity. The heat exchangers are designed with stainless steel (316 L) plates and Viton gaskets (Gaskets that are phthalate free in order to prevent it from being absorbed into the oil). Furthermore, three MTT Evapco cooling towers replaced less efficient towers in order to meet the required cooling whilst providing ultimate corrosion protection due to its fibreglass construction material. The production of aromatic oils can unfortunately produce severe scaling with a potential for blockage, therefore Heat Exchangers WA provide regular servicing as an effective preventative measure to various operating aromatic oil production plants throughout Western Australia.
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