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Heat Exchangers WA Deliver Monumental Capital Square Contract

Heat Exchangers WA in conjunction with the Triple M Group have supplied the air-conditioning process equipment at the expansive Capital Square development in Perth City for Woodside Energy. The Capital Square development was a monumental contract for Heat Exchangers WA in terms of the package size containing both Plate Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers that were delivered to the client. Furthermore, the equipment was fitted in a mid-level plant room increasing design and installation complexity, requiring Heat Exchangers WA to not only provide the required heating and cooling capacity but also adhere to the architecturally aesthetic preferences.

Within multi-storey buildings the number of floors relates to the lettable space available and as a result the overall profit of the landlord. Cooling towers are of immense height, therefore, reducing the number of floors that can be constructed. A low profile forced draft Evapco cooling tower was selected, effectively decreasing the height of the tower from 4.5m to 2.7m and thereby its impact upon the number of floors that can be constructed. Our sales engineers ensure that the client is delivered the most effective and efficient cooling solution required in order to increase the rate of return.

A total of eight Evapco LPT forced draft cooling towers were delivered to the Capital square development. Additionally, eight sizeable Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers were provided in order to deliver a total of 9000 kW at 1°C LMTD thereby  allowing maximum heat transfer area. Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers were utilised to enable heat transfer whilst preventing cross-contamination by separating the water from the chiller and cooling towers. This separation is crucially important due to the exposure of water running through to the cooling towers to the ambient, which can cause fouling and scaling to occur within the chiller process equipment.

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