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PMC-E Evaporative Condensers are forced draft, axial fan models and are available in capacities from 124 to 1,409 ammonia tons (534 kW to 6,069 kW). The effective axial flow fans can reduce power requirements by up to 50% over centrifugal fan models of similar capacity. The PMC-E Condenser has more capacity than any other forced draft condenser on the market and provides more choices due to its greater number of plan areas.

PMC-E Models combine the most capacity per plan area with unique owner oriented benefits that make them Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain and Easy to Operate. All the features and benefits of the PMC-E make them Easy on your Operating Budget.


The PMC-E Evaporative Condenser product line is a combination of EVAPCO’s extensive forced draft evaporative cooling product experience and engineered solutions design philosophy. Combined with EVAPCO’s patented, high-efficiency THERMAL-PAK II ® coil, the PMC-E is the most efficient and easiest forced draft axial fan design condenser in the industry to install, maintain and operate.


The refrigerant is circulated through the coil of the evaporative condenser. Heat from the refrigerant is dissipated through the coil tubes to the water cascading downward over the tubes. Simultaneously, air is forced in through the two stage vane axial fans at the base of the condenser and travels upward over the coil opposite the water flow. A small portion of the water is evaporated which removes the heat. The warm moist air is forced to the top of the evaporative condenser by the fan and is discharged to the atmosphere. The remaining water falls to the sump at the bottom of the condenser where it is recirculated by the pump up through the water distribution system and back down over the coils.