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The ESWA is an induced draft, counterflow design closed circuit cooler with a CTI Certified capacity range of 900 to 18500 MBH (264 to 5422 kW). Standard construction includes the patented, high efficiency Sensi-Coil® technology, EVAPAK Fill and G-235 (Z725-Europe) galvanized steel casing and basin. Type 304 stainless steel construction is available for the basin or the entire unit.


The ESWA Closed Circuit Cooler is an Advanced Technology, induced draft counterflow design closed circuit cooler featuring EVAPCO’s patented Sensi-Coil® technology – the most efficient in the industry. The counterflow design provides the ESWA Closed Circuit Cooler with inherently better operational and maintenance features. The ESWA is now standard with CTI Certified Performance including the Super Low Sound Fan option.


The warm process fluid circulates from the heat source to the coil of the closed circuit cooler. The fluid in the coil transfers its heat through the coil tube walls in a sensible exchange to the spray water that floods over the tubes. Having gained heat from the coil, the spray water then falls to the sump where it is circulated by the spray pump up through distribution piping to the spray nozzles. The warmed spray water is then distributed as a thin film over the fill-deck surface for maximum cooling efficiency. The fan system operates simultaneously, moving large volumes of air through the unit in a direction opposite the falling water. The air and water contact directly across the fill-deck surface whereupon a small portion of the spray water is evaporated. The evaporation process provides a latent exchange of heat from the spray water to the air passing through the unit. The air is then discharged from the unit as a warm and saturated stream with a final dissipation of heat to the atmosphere. The spray water exits the fill-deck module as a cooled fluid where it floods across the coil in a repeat cycle.