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Heat Exchangers WA Receives 89% Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Heat Exchangers WA is happy to publish this year’s results of the customer satisfaction survey. We have conducted this survey each year for self-regulation and improvement. This year we have achieved an overall customer satisfaction rating of 8.9 on a scale of 10.

We uniformly chose some of our existing clients, and we communicated with them directly to receive their feedback and to confirm that we are constantly engaging with them, this survey was conducted in a way to analyse both quantitative and qualitative performance and to receive unbiased feedback from individuals who are the best representatives of the entire organisation.

“I am very impressed with the Price scores, as it indicates that we listened to the market and we utilized our previous surveys well, the 14% increase is very pleasing. I understand that the price is always sensitive, it made us work smarter, developing efficiently without affecting the company’s margins.

In terms of Service, as per our motto, we have a hardworking and devoted team, and we ensure we are dedicated to every transaction. And, in Quality, primarily being a supplier of OEM parts, we always had to be on the front foot because of market perception in installing customer confidence, so the quality is second to none.”

-Steve Sammut, MD, HEWA

The overall rating is calculated by the average score in the 3 core components of our value proposition as shown in the image below. These components are ‘Service’, ‘Quality’ and ‘Price’.

A score of almost 8.9 in ‘Service’ shows that HEWA walks the walk when it comes to having a slogan of “Service is our passion”. We make sure that each engagement we have with you and each product/service we provide is in line with our company’s motto. And our clients couldn’t agree more with this.

A whopping score of 9.28 in ‘Quality’ means that our customers appreciate and value the quality of our products. This is no doubt the result of efforts made by our suppliers, like Evapco and Kelvion, and our dedicated workshop team which is continuously striving towards excellence, three shifts a day. The spike in quality from last year does indicate that we are heading in the right direction towards excellence.

Finally, a score of 8.56 in Pricing indicates a significant improvement in terms of Pricing from last year as we are constantly endeavoring to deliver the best quality products at the most competitive prices which are proven by a great number of clients’ responses that HEWA has never given them a chance to consider anything else. Our main objective is to reduce the lifecycle cost for you by providing you with the products and services of the highest quality which ultimately reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance over the life of the equipment.

Here’s a comparison of our performance from 2018 to 2019, and we see an increase in all three metrics and even in the overall score!

The increase in all the metrics we surveyed, supports our claim that the only direction HEWA is headed towards is forward.

results - Heat Exchangers WA Receives 89% Customer Satisfaction Ratings

And here are this year’s results!

results2019 - Heat Exchangers WA Receives 89% Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Just like last year, not only did we receive really good scores across all the three categories, but we also compiled some of the feedback that we received below:

“I am very happy with the performance, HEWA’s clearly standing out from other operators (competitors), your products are impeccable quality and appreciate HEWA for being in the market for so long”

“We are working with HEWA since 3 years, have had no problem, I never considered any other competitors”

“Overall a good experience, Simo is very helpful”

“We have custom-built heat exchangers, there are no complaints, amazing working with you and never considered any others”

“Paul’s great, I really like Paul, HEWA has a quick turnaround, no dramas or any concerns, we need no new stuff, I’m happy with quotes”

“Matt’s been good with service, and the overall quality is great”

“We have had no issues, HEWA is the preferred supplier, excellent service”

A few of our clients did take an extra step and reviewed us on Google, and here’s a snapshot on what they think:

coments - Heat Exchangers WA Receives 89% Customer Satisfaction Ratings


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