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Author : Heat Exchanger WA

Is Your Fouled Heat Exchanger Costing You?

Fouling is the deposition and accumulation of undesirable materials such as scale, algae, suspended solids and insoluble salts on the internal or external surfaces of processing equipment, such as heat exchangers. Heat Exchangers are process equipment in which heat is continuously transferred from a hot to a cold fluid directly through a heat transfer surface that separates the two fluids, such as a plate or tube.

Why Do Your Gaskets Fail?

Selecting the correct gasket material is vital to the effective operation of the plate heat exchanger. The majority of PHE gaskets are manufactured from rubber polymers, requiring replacement when the gasket loses its ability to seal due to hardening, loss of compression set and deterioration.

Servicing a Welded (BLOC) Plate Heat Exchanger

The welded (BLOC) plate heat exchangers contain more robust plates with greater thickness and do not have standard PHE rubber gaskets. This different design allows higher temperature and pressure ranges. Compact in design, they still pack a punch with outstanding heat transfer coefficients, even under the most stringent applications. Heat Exchangers WA provide servicing of welded (BLOC) plate heat exchangers, having serviced several COMPA-BLOC from mineral processing plants.

Cooler Savings in the Scorching Heat

The Pilbara region is a beautiful part of North West Australia, where red earth and deep rocky canyons contrast the dazzling white beaches and untouched coral gardens. The Pilbara is commonly referred to as the ‘engine room’ of Australia, home to a massive mining and processing industry of crude oil, natural gas, iron ore and salt. The climate can be harsh and the heat scorching, with an annual average high temperature of 32 °C. Due to the high ambient temperature year round, it is crucial that the cooling tower equipment operates at peak efficiency to sustain the throughput and revenue of processing plants.

Heat Exchangers WA Raises the Bar Once Again – Achieving Excellent Customer Satisfaction Rating

Welcoming in the beginning of 2017 is the completion of Heat Exchangers WA’s annual customer satisfaction survey. Heat Exchangers WA received feedback from fifty of our 2016 customers in order to achieve an increased understanding of the market response to our service, quality and price. The customer satisfaction survey is a tool we use for continuous improvement, with the feedback providing valuable information on how we can continue to be the best in the industry.

Heat Exchangers WA Deliver Monumental Capital Square Contract

Heat Exchangers WA in conjunction with the Triple M Group have supplied the air-conditioning process equipment at the expansive Capital Square development in Perth City for Woodside Energy. The Capital Square development was a monumental contract for Heat Exchangers WA in terms of the package size containing both Plate Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers that were delivered to the client. Furthermore, the equipment was fitted in a mid-level plant room increasing design and installation complexity, requiring Heat Exchangers WA to not only provide the required heating and cooling capacity but also adhere to the architecturally aesthetic preferences.