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Cooling Tower Mechanical Services in Perth

Cooling Tower Service

Parts and Services

Heat Exchangers WA Supply & Service Cooling Towers in Western Australia. Cooling Towers, Condensers and Fluid Coolers designed to meet customer’s specifications. Heat Exchangers WA provide servicing and spare parts to suit all makes and models of evaporative cooling equipment regardless of manufacturer. This includes but is not limited to: BAC, Fibretech, Temcel, Evapco, Mesan, Marley, Hydrothermal and Shinwa. No job is too big or small for Heat Exchangers WA. We are your one stop shop for cooling towers. Contact us now for a free inspection. Any Part, Any Manufacturer, Anytime.

Access systems

Safety access platforms, ladders, safety cages, handrails etc. to suit any application. Available in hot dipped galvanized steel (after fabrication), stainless steel (304 or 316) or aluminium.


Vertically and horizontally mounted 2 bolt pillow block and 4 bolt flange mounted bearings to meet the requirements of any cooling tower shafts regardless of manufacturer.

Fan Shafts

Solid and tubular fan shafts available in powder coated or epoxy coated mild steel, 316 and 304 stainless steel. Shafts can be provided as a complete set comprising of fan shaft, bearings, remote grease lines and hardware. Parts can also be pre-aligned, dynamically balanced and pre-greased ready for expedited installation.


Individual V belts and multi-groove power banded belts are available in both Metric and Imperial standards to suit any manufacturer’s equipment.


Available in stainless steel (316 & 304), galvanised steel and copper. We can offer the standard round tube design or Evapco’s patented high performance elliptical tubed design.

Drift Eliminators

Highly efficient, UV stabilized, PVC drift eliminators, exceeding the standards regulated by AS3666 with a drift loss rating of 0.001% of the circulated water, providing significant water and chemical savings, superior strength honeycomb cellular construction. Can also be supplied in HPVC high temperature material.

Coil Casing Sections

Replacement coil casing sections can be supplied to suit any manufacturer’s equipment. Complete with heat transfer coils, water distribution system, drift eliminators, sealer material and pipe fittings for quick replacement installations and minimum down time. Can be manufactured in hot dipped galvanised steel, powder coated, or 316 or 304 stainless steel.

Gearboxes, Couplings And Reducers

Factory authorized parts and custom designs are available to suit any manufacturer’s equipment. Applications from small factory assembled towers to large field erected units. Shafts and couplings available in stainless steel and carbon fibre. Standard and right angle drive gear reducers available to suit all makes and models,

Fans, Axial

Multi-blade, adjustable pitch, low noise, high efficiency axial flow fans are available in Aluminium, PVC or fibreglass construction to suit any manufacturers equipment.

Fans, Centrifugal

Forward curved blade design, statically and dynamically balanced for vibration free operation. Wheels feature welded, riveted and press tab construction with grubscrew and clamp-lock hubs to ensure a correct fit and reduced wheel slip. Materials of construction include hot dipped galvanised steel, powder coated steel and stainless steel. Sizes available from 15” to 30” diameter to suit any make or model.

Panels, Fitings And Hardware

FRP, stainless steel and HDG cooling tower panels including full casing sections, fan cowlings, wraps and snouts, basin strainers and suction hoods. HDG, stainless steel and zinc plated hardware including bolts, nuts, washers, self-tappers, wing nuts, access door retainer knobs, air inlet louver retainers plus much much more.

Fill Media

Replacement fill media kits to suit both crossflow and counterflow towers. Block and hanging sheet fill available, as well as custom and retrofit kits designed to suit all makes and models providing optimal flow and minimizing the potential for fouling.

Inlet Louvres

EVAPCO’s innovative Water Tight Sight (WST) air inlet louvers eliminate water splash out, prevent sunlight from entering the basin and provide ease of access to the cold water basin. Available in both framed and unframed options to suit every application. Retrofit kits are available to suit most makes and models.

Inlet Louvres

Water Tight Sight (WST) innovative technology designed to eliminate splash out and sunlight whilst maximizing airflow for superior thermal performance. Available with PVC or stainless steel frames or bare louvre without frames.

Low Sound solutions

Options include low sound fans, super low sound fans (SLSF), basin water silencers and fan discharge sound attenuation to provide up to 15 dB (A) noise reduction for those acoustically sensitive applications.

Make-up float valves

Easily adjustable makeup valve kits available to suit any make and model. Kit includes brass valve in ½” through to 2”, stainless steel float arm and adjustable rod, pancake or ball float and s/steel hardware. Items are all so available individually. 3 and 5 probe Electronic water level valve packages are also available for more accurate basin water level control and monitoring.

Mechanical support frames and motor slides

Genuine factory authorized and custom engineered designs available in HDG and stainless steel.

Fan Motors

Motors specifically designed to perform in the harsh humid discharge airstream of evaporative equipment. MEPS (2002) compliant, epoxy coated with double sealed bearings. Options include models to suit belt drive and direct drive applications, SS shaft, extended length shafts, 4 - 12 pole units available from 0.37 kW up to 45 kW. All motors come with EVAPCO’S industry leading 2 year parts warranty.

Water Distribution Systems

Distribution systems including pipework, a variety of spray nozzles, flanges, fittings, supporting framework and retainers available to suit all makes and models. Low clog and dirty water applications available to suit extreme conditions.

Pumps And Motor Assembly

Recirculation pumps for closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers are available in all sizes and can be custom designed to suit specific applications.

Pulleys And Drivelines

High grade aluminium, cast iron and zinc plated pulleys. Upgrading your driveline to aluminium will extend the life span of both the pulleys and the drive belts. Aluminium pulleys are corrosion resistant and offer a weight reduction of up to 80% over the standard steel design